Monsanto10Criticism of genetically modified plants has been rising worldwide
(translation from german page NETZFRAUEN.ORG)
• Results of independent research reports and surveys on farms since 1999 confirm that GM crops have failed. Evidence of benefits such as increased crop or significant reduction of herbicides and pesticides were not provided.

• Genetically modified plants have cost the U.S. about 12 billion US $ in agricultural subsidies, lost sales and product recalls due to transgenic contamination.

• In India huge failures are reported up to 100% in Bt cotton. Biotechnology companies have suffered rapid decline since 2000 and investment advisers predict them no future in agriculture.

• Worldwide resistance for GMOs reached a climax when Zambia refused, despite suffering the threat of hunger, GM maize for food aid in 2002.

• Extensive transgenic contamination has occurred in local varieties of corn in remote regions in Mexico despite an official ban on the cultivation of it has been in force since 1998.

• High levels of contamination have been found in Canada meanwhile. In a test of 33 samples of certified seed stocks, 32 of them have been proven as contaminated.

• Recent research shows that transgenic pollen is being carried by wind and deposited elsewhere, or has fallen directly on the soil, a major source of transgenic contamination. Contamination is generally recognized as inevitable, therefore, there cannot be any coexistence of transgenic and conventional plants.

• Proteins BT, embedded in 25% of transgenic plants of the world total, were regarded as harmful to a number of non-target organisms. Some of them are also potent immunogens and allergens. A team of scientists have warned against the release of BT crops for human use.

• food plants are increasingly used for the production of pharmaceuticals and drugs, including cytokines, known for its effect of suppressing the immune system to induce nausea and cause poisoning of the central nervous system.

• Interferon alfa is reported to cause dementia, neurotoxicity and adverse effects on the mind and thoughts, and viral sequences such as protein gene in pig coronavirus, from the same family as the SARS virus, responsible for the current epidemic.

• The glycoprotein gene gp120 of the AIDS virus HIV-1, incorporated into GMO corn as a „cheap oral vaccine“ is another biological time bomb, because this gene may interfere with the immune system, and can recombine with viruses and bacteria to generate new and unpredictable pathogens.

• There is already experimental evidence that transgenic DNA has been absorbed into plants through bacteria in the soil, but also in the intestines of guinea pigs. Marker genes for antibiotic resistance can spread from transgenic food to pathogenic bacteria, making infections very difficult to treat.

• It is known that transgenic DNA survive digestion in the intestine and enters into the genome of mammalian cells, which increases the possibility of induction of cancer …
Am 12. Oktober – Weltweit, gemeinsam gegen Monsanto und Co.



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