May our children never have to say: “But you must have known about this!”

Menschen1Dear readers! I have kept quiet for quite some time hoping for positive changes in Germany, Europe and the rest of the world. This hope turned out to be an illusion, even though politicians are trying to buy us with their election promises.

The 25th of May – election day in Europe – is not too far away now and they want the populace to be well aware of their good deeds. Today, I want to write about some things that leave me helpless with fury and about what we let them get away with. Have we turned into a people of cowards and ignorants? From our history we know enough better – and braver – examples, or are we still asleep? Do we need even worse catastrophes to wake up?

One of these catastrophes might happen in the next couple of years. Our agricultural system could go the American way all over Europe, unless we get our act together and use those minds that we hopefully have, unless we don’t try to hide away out of fear, resignation, ignorance and the „not my problem – let others take care of it“ mentality. Unless we march on the streets of Europe and prevent TTIP once and for all!

Have a look at this video:“ width=“640″ height=“360″ frameborder=“0″ allowfullscreen=“allowfullscreen“>
This criminal document about a free trade treaty between the USA and Europe, with Canada playing a role as well, has to be stopped at all costs and that, dear readers, really is everybody’s problem! Usually, visions are a good thing, but in this case my vision looks less than rosy. In Europe, power lies predominantly in the hands of a few corporations like Monsanto, Pioneer, Syngenta, Nestlé and last, but not least, Germany’s own Bayer and BASF. Their allies are politicians, banks, lobbyists and speculators, who welcome them with open arms already. And let us not forget the phamaceutical industry, they want to make a profit, too.

I can already envision the things, that are a reality in the USA today, I have seen it on TV in documentaries. Giant agricultural fields, on which only weeds as tall as a man grow (They call it the weed from hell), that cannot be eradicated neither by Round Up – the most toxic herbicide currently available from Monsanto, nor by any other chemical cocktail. The soil on these fields is literally dead, because all of the poison that has been applied to corn and soy plants, has also killed all other life in the ground, including bees and microoorganisms. This it dead earth!

Entire herds of cattle consist of cloned animals and since Monsanto, Nestlé and probably even others have filed patents on lots of animals and plants (The possibility to do this is a crime in itself.), and lately even human milk, they will in all likelyhood clone other animals soon and pump them full of synthetic chemicals via their food and medical treatments.

Watch: It gets crazier and crazier.

They will need our fields for their genetically modified plants and there will only be their seeds in combination with their pesticides. In our supermarkets there wil be only genetically modified food just like in the USA including the synthetic chemicals.that come with GMOs. We, the consumers will just not get to know what exactly we are eating. But a lot of us will love to buy all this according to the great German advert saying „Geiz ist geil!“ which means „being stingy is super!“

Watch: The daily poison pesticides – „Murder in increments“ – Brussels does not accept new study

On the other hand a lot of consumers will have no choice but to buy this stuff, because they cannot afford healthy food. But not to worry, all the other hungry people soon will join them, because logically, organic farmers will have to give up. GMOs will successively displace everyting useful. We will encounter health problems that we have no idea of now, because what kills nature and soils and makes animals sick, will obviously not spare humans.

The fact that thousands of farm hands have died of terminal kidney problems is not a secret anymore and our own red blood cells have also already been affected. More and more animals are born sick, etc.! As a consequence, the pharmaceutical industry is getting more important. They invent lots of new drugs against the new symptoms. And so the profit goes full circle!

Watch Stop making our children sick!

The USA will have to import food soon, if they keep going down this path, but no problem, the Earth is a big place and the corporations are powerful, they will grow like a cancer and it is no coincidence Monsanto tries to get a foot in every country’s door. They are like locusts, let us smash our doors in their faces, or would you like them here in Europe? I wouldn’t!!!

In their wake lots of other „pleasant“ things travel like the investment protection clause, that makes corporations the winners no matther the verdict. Tax payers and the people of Europe lose in any case, because either they have to pay fines or they have to pay with their health and loss of rights.

Fracking is another subject and whatever they tell me, nobody can convince me, that the chemicals that are pressed underground mixed with water will not contaminate our groundwater. Not even the trial drillings should have been allowed.

TTIP as a loophole for fracking?

What is going to change in the professional world? Already we encounter US-American conditions in the retail and service sector. Do you feel that what happens here is alright? I call it shameless exploitation! Maybe in some cheap retail places wages are okay, but the employees are treated like slaves, there is pressure and rushing all the time, a stress on body and nerves and in reality these people don’t have any rights, whatever the outside image or the contracts. Their work hours are inhumane, nobody under these conditions can have a proper private life or even family life, can make any plans and is constantly under extreme pressure. What did our government say recently? The number of people sick away from work according to stress and nervous strain is too high and companies should take better care of the health of their employees.

Well then create laws to make sure that these changes happen sometime soon! (Maybe a change of mind would help. Health funds instead of sickness funds, as they are called in Germany. Prevention instead of symptom treatment, healthy natural food, without synthetic compounds, all the chemicals nature needs, it can provide on her own.)

Take the synthetical compounds out of our clothes and our shoes and whereever else they are hidden!

Polluted air, polluted soils, polluted nature, polluted oceans, polluted animals, polluted humans, did I forget anything? No, you up there in high places, you did a fine job, well done!

When it’s about raising their salaries, the German parliament can be really time efficient. This is only about the health of the people, which seems to be much less interesting. Otherwise our government would not be so eager to push TTIP through at all costs. They are just forgetting that these costs have to be paid for by the people in Europe with our health and against our wills!

MarchMaybe we should cut all of their wages, when they don’t pay proper attention to spending tax money and wasting it on ridiculous projects, or maybe we just should not vote for them again, for example on May the 25th at the EU-election. Another aspect of GMOs: If I remember correctly, 27 countries all over the world have rejected the notion. Hungary burned down illegal GMO corn crops and Russia has implemented an import ban on GMOs and does not want to grow any.

Watch: We have had it! No genetically midified corn on our fields!

Putin is a clever statesman, if he does not want this stuff to enter his country. the Russians will thank him for that and whoever wants to eat organic may have to order food from Russia which might turn out to be a good deal for Russia. I also think that Putin’s reaction to US, NATO and Europe’s sanctions is reasonable and level-headed. I find this baiting to be unbearable and also not conducive to peace between the nations. The inhabitants of Crimea have decided and that’s it, it’s basically none of our business.

Who got emotional about the Falklands way back then and demanded sanctions against England? Nobody. But apparently there is a double standard between eastern and western Europe. Everybody should worry about their own problems. Is there anything left in our country that is normal? We bow to the US government and let them make us into their marionettes. I am sure there will be nothing left of the spying scandal, even if there will be a treaty, which I do not believe is going to happen, it will not change the core conditions they will just keep on spying on us and save our data. Who is going to prevent this? There are so many things in our country that need improving and nothing happens!

Turnhallen in Hamburg geschlossenSchools and the education of our children, the basic building structure of schools as well as the furniture and fixtures are often a scandal. Social housing or the housing situation in general in big cities – a scandal.

Watch: Education – The future of the masses!

The procrastination in changing our way of producing energy and the results of all the talks so far – a scandal – electricity prices are increasing – yesterday I read that the German rail company has to contribute to the costs of switching to renewable energies, they will increase ticket prices and who will be left facing the bill eventually? Us, the people who will then pay twice.

And another thing about nature, I am talking about the state of our oceans and our forests. When will governments decide to introduce tougher restrictions against the pollution of the oceans and the limitless exploitation of the remaining fish populations, when will the oceans be safe from oil drilling? When the next catastrophe happens?

Watch: What the media don’t tell you: Oil drilling in our front yard – We will not be bought!

What do they do against the depletion of our beautiful forests and the rain forests? Nature is no longer treated with consideration, in Germany even conservation areas are not safe from desctructive exploitation.The main point of interest today is profit, not nature, the environment or humans.

BienenEven the mass killing of the bees does not seem to affect those in power! What will we do when there are no more bees or bumblebees left? Will we all walk across fields and climb fruit-bearing trees with brushes to do the bees‘ jobs?

Watch: Millions of bees poisoned – food supply is in danger

But no, some inventors have already thought of a solution, they want to built miniature drones the size of a cent coin to take over the bees‘ task of pollination. By how many lunatics are we surrounded? When everything dies, we can replace it with better things, this opinion seems to be wide spread in „God’s own country“ as the USA are called. Has God not shown these inventors often enough and clearly enough, what he thinks of them?

In America there are practically no bees anymore, therefore they buy ever more new bee colonies in Europe who get carted to giant GMO monocultures in trucks, to the jobs „nature intended“, but they won’t get old due to the stress from the transport and the pesticides. No matter, there are always more bees available to buy and replace the dead ones. The people responsible for this have no respect for creation. Many US citizens will doubt the mental sanity of these people, too! And now for the worst bit: When will mass factory meat production which cannot be justified in any way be discontinued and also animal transports?

The way all of this is carried out today means torture for the animals from the day of their births until their deaths – a painful way through hell. Is this really humane or have we stopped being human and turned into beasts in human shape? To my mind these factorys are comparable to concentration camps with the fitting transport to extermination factories. If they really have to be born just to be eaten, could we not at least treat them with respect while they live? Do we really have to dig into meat like vultures? Make law for proper animal husbandry and most importantly, carry out thorough and unannounced check-ups, increase meat prices thinking of quality instead of quantity and then people will eat healthier and with more awareness.

It is not a good idea healthwise to eat meat every day, and hello consumers, maybe you eat a piece of life force with every piece of meat, but definitely also a lot of synthetic chemicals and pharmaceuticals and honestly, I do not feel too much pity with someone gorging on this every day, when eventually they develop symptoms of sickness as a consequence. Less, but with more awareness and healthier, that would be a moment of glory!

It would also be a moment of glory, if our national and EU politicians could get their heads around the fact that their allegiance should not be with corporations, banks, speculators, the US government or profit, but exclusively with the tax payers, the citizens, the poeple who voted them into position and thus gave them an assignment, i. e. take care of the good of the country and its people conscientiously, to increase the people’s wealth, but what do many of them prefer to do? Take care of and increase their own wealth, which they do very conscientiously and studiously, I am sure!

I would see it as a moment of glory, if all of us took to the streets for our convictions, for change and most of all for the stopping of TTIP, if we could inform each other about where demonstrations are planned to take place. I will be joining the demonstration on the 24th of May against TTIP and Monsanto. This will be a world wide event. And maybe there is more we can do to change people’s minds, let us open up a dialogue for a better treatment of Earth, nature, the environment, animals and humans. We only have this one earth and together we can defeat the most powerful corporations, if we stick together.

Remember, we have powerful weapons, our feet and our minds. They want to make money from us and profit is what they care about the most.

Dear readers, as always I wish you all the best, health and happiness, wherever you may live and whatever your nationality, but I send special regards to all grandmas, mothers, aunts, sisters and daughters and wish you a lovely time until my next letter.

Mama Patricia – Netzfrau (67)

Translated by Netzfrau Angela Carstensen

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