Millions of bees poisoned by pesticides

Wabe IaEarly April, along the river Rhine near Leverkusen, Germany,  bee keepers noticed millions of bees with symptoms of poisoning. Now some first results by the Julius Kühn institute show a compound from the family of neonicotinoides to be responsible. Research still goes on.

These compounds are used as active ingredients in treatments against greenflies and and other types of lice. If the chemicals are used correctly, bees are not affected. If used incorrectly, e. g. on plants in bloom or swarming with bees, this can kill the bees. (source: Kölner Stadtanzeiger)

Two weeks ago the bees arrived at their hives severely weakened and died there. Up to two thirds of bee populations were affected, more than a million, according to the veterinary authorities. (see: Millionen Bienen vergiftet – Lebensmittelversorgung ist bedroht)

Worldwide, bees are perishing in masses. The long term consequences are dramatic: Not only does this endanger biodiversity but also crop yields, which eventually endangers humans. The reasons for this phenomenon are largely man-made. Monocultures do not offer enough sustenance for insects. On top of that, crops are massively fertilized and treated with pesticides.

The ban on three neonicotinoid pesticides by the European Commision in May 2013 is one step in the right direction. Those compounds attack the bees‘ nerves and take their sense of orientation, the ability to communicate and the energy to look after their offspring. The ban will be effective for two years. After that the EU is going to decide whether this has any effect on the bees. According to the Julius Kühn institute, a Federal German research institute, the ban should be effective indefinitely.

Protection of bees: We demand a ban on pesticides!

Pesticides dangerous to bees are banned EU wide. So how was it possible for this particular plant treatment to be carried out? The agrucultural agency of North Rhine-Westphalia has started to investigate this.

Read all about the agricultural lobby and their pesticides in this article:Pestizide – “Mord auf Raten” ! Die Macht der Agrarlobby!.

Mysterious bee decline

We have regularly reported news about bees dying. The current year has just started and millions of them are already dead. Fruit trees have not gained their foliage yet and their blossoms will wait in vain for bees to pollinate them. We are worried that the pollination by hand, as it is usual in China, will be necessary for us to produce any fruit at all in the future. The supply of food for human consumption may be in danger.

We demand: Protect the bees, because by doing that you protect your own species as well.

Netzfrau Doro Schreier  translated by Angela Carstensen

auf Deutsch: Millionen Bienen vergiftet – Pestizide als Ursache


May our children never have to say: “But you must have known about this!”

Nach Syngenta klagt nun auch BASF gegen EU-Pestizid-Einschränkungen – und nehmen Bienensterben weiterhin in Kauf

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