Mysterious Bee Extinction


Repeatedly we have reported on the mass extinction of bees. When spring started in April, millions of them were already dead. In the future, orchards may wait in vain for them to pollinate their blossoms and if it comes to the worst, we may have to resort to pollination by hand using brushes and pincers as it already takes place in China today. Many plants die without being pollinated and our food supply is in danger.

In 2010, the German-French TV station ARTE informed about human civilisation leading to mass mortality of an increasing number of species – with terrible consequences for those responsible. The scary disappearance of the bees is one example.

In Europe 40 % of all bee populations are already gone, in China only 10 %. But the Chinese seem to take this threat to humans and nature more seriously than the Europeans.

They have started experimenting with man-made pollination and new professions, e.g. bee lenders. Scientists attribute the disappearance of the bees to pesticides, GMOs and electromagnetic radiation from mobile phone towers.

Watch a video on the subject here: Nur China arbeitet an künstlicher Bestäubung (Only China works on artificial pollination)″ width=“560″ height=“315″ frameborder=“0″ allowfullscreen=“allowfullscreen“>
In 2007, North America saw a first mysterious mass extinction of bees. It was estimated back then that one quarter of the bees had already disappeared. The cause was not yet clear, but experts were unanimous in their worry about the future of the human food supply.

A normal year sees roughly 10 % of a bee population die during the winter months, the reasons being the cold and food scarcity. But in recent years the losses have been above average. In Germany during the winter 2012/2013 more bees died than in an average year: In the spring of 2013 bee-keepers lost 15.2 % of their populations, most of them to the varroa mite. This mite has been blamed regularly, but as has been mentioned before, in 2010 Chinese scientists found pesticides to also contribute to the bees extinction.

The romantic image of farming as depicted in nursery songs from our childhood does no longer represent reality. Let us look at a recent example from Schleswig-Holstein (Northern Germany): Last year the farmer grew wheat on his land. 14 days before the harvest he applied pesticides in a stealth move, and then after the harvest ploughed them into the soil, before sowing after-grass. This March more pesticides followed, the grass was basically sprayed to death. About 14 days later liquid manure was applied and we will keep on observing what is going to happen next. Very probably, the farmer will plough the field again and plant canola or grain. What shocked us was how many seagulls looked for food on this field highly treated with pesticides.

One could assume that taking a soil sample from this field would be easy, but this is prohibited, it would even be theft, because the farmer owns the land. Without his approval sampling the soil is impossible, he could even sue you. Our only option is to document the situation by taking pictures in combination with the dates. As you can see, we are still on his case.

Last year we noticed the bumblebees being much smaller than usual. And while we were delighted when they appeared at last, soon we found them dead in our gardens. The bumblebees are affected as well and the cause for this has to be looked into, too.

At this stage, the Netzfrauen have written more than 40 articles about bees and many are sure to follow. In the words of Albert Einstein:

„When the bee is gone from the Earth, humans will be able to survive for four years only. No bees, no pollination, no plants, no animals, no humans.“

Incredible: In January 2014, the chemical company Bayer, also known as „bee killer“ distributed „bee protection“ calendars in the region around cologne. And there is more! As you can see in the picture, they even used the bee as a symbol together with the words „bee care“.

This company even runs a website about „bee care“ in spite of them being partly responsible for the bees dying.

Both Bayer and BASF, another German chemicals company, contributed millions towards a donation campaign of Monsanto, the U.S. American producer of GMOs and pesticides. This was a ploy by the industry who wanted to stop an initiative by environmental organisations towards a duty of declaration for GMO food. The companies invested more than 40 million dollars in this ad campaign, mainly TV spots – roughly ten times as much as their opponents spent. Unfortunately the companies were successful: Bayer, BASF and Monsanto won the fight against the obligation to label GMOs.

You can find a list of decisions in relation to bee protection within the EU in chronological order here: Absurde Verbrauchertäuschung – “The bee-killer” Chemiekonzern Bayer spielt “Bienenretter”

All over the world bees die in masses. The main culprits are humans. The long term effects will be dramatic: Not only does this endanger biodiversity, but also our harvest yields. When apples, cucumbers and nuts become a rare commodity, many nutrients could be lacking in human diets.

Pesticides act as neurotoxins

The reasons for the disappearance of whole bee populations in Europe, North America and Asia are manifold and complex. They are largely man-made. Monocultures do not offer enough sustenance for insects. What does grow on those fields is heavily treated with fertilisers and pesticides.

Bees are exposed to a cocktail of pesticides, as a recent study says.

From this study we can see that the mysterious extinction of honey bees, usually responsible for pollinating grain amounting to 30 billions of US Dollars, has decimated the American honey bees (apis mellifera) so much that after a severe winter the acres lie fallow. Now it is starting to really hurt financially!

Scientists discovered in a recent study what kills the bees. And things are worse than suspected.

A new study has discovered some of the possible causes of bee mass extinction. The worrying results show that it is much more difficult to save the bees from total extermination than has been feared. (See also Netzfrauen article: Bedrohtes Nutztier: BIENEN – Ausrottung, schlimmer als vermutet !)

Another mass mortality of bees was observed in Hungary in July 2013 on a sunflower field and reported here on our website. And while you are reading this article somewhere on this Earth a vast number of bees are dying because of pesticide application. We ask ourselves, how many studies will be necessary, before the suffering of the bees is stopped. And also our suffering, because pesticides affect us too, as we have reported many times so far.

Currently 23 farming ministers are trying to destroy the remaining remnants of greening measures of the EU Common Agricultural Policy (CAP) by supporting the approval of synthetic pesticides and mineral fertilisers on legumes (pulses). See also Netzfrauen article:  Nach Genmais 1507 – Pestizide auf Ökoflächen.

About a third of the food a person consumes only grows because of pollination by insects. Honey bees count for at least 80 % of this process. Many plant species are exclusively pollinated by bees. Among these are fruit like apples, cherries, peaches and kiwis as well as vegetables like soy beans, asparagus, broccoli, celery, pumpkins and cucumbers.

Many varieties of e. g. soy beans are genetically modified and heavily sprayed with pesticides. Any questions?

Read all about the power of the agro-lobby and their pesticides here: Pestizide – “Mord auf Raten” ! Die Macht der Agrarlobby! As our minister for the environment in Schleswig-Holstein said: The agro-lobby is much too influential. – So we keep asking ourselves, why is this power not taken away from them by proper laws? This is about our survival.

We demand: Start protecting the bees immediately, because that will protect us, too.

Original in Deutsch. Millionen Bienen vergiftet – Lebensmittelversorgung ist bedroht

Netzfrau Doro Schreier

Translated by Angela Carstensen

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