We are all human beings

Mensch5It’s as simple as that. We are all same – black, yellow, red, brown or white, man or woman, neither or both.

The world is even more colourful. That’s fine. And that’s how it should be.

We have not been asked where we wanted to be born, whether in Africa, Asia, Europe, or elsewhere. We’re just where we are.

We all have a mother and a father. Not all of us were lucky enough to know both of them. But it’s to them we owe our life and whom we have to thank for being around.

Each of us was born to be alive. And, it is true, life is not easy – neither in Africa nor Asia, neither in Europe nor on any other continent.

Regardless of our colour, religion or sex, we all need air to breathe, water to quench our thirst, and food so as not to starve.

No matter where we live on this Earth, we all need love, and people to accompany us.

What’s the difference between us? There is none!

Without air we choke.
Without water we die of thirst.
Without food we starve.
Without love we become stunted.

We are what we are … human beings!

When we cut into a finger our blood is red. It’s red wherever we live, in Africa, Asia, Europe, or in an Arab country – our blood is red throughout the entire world.

And we all cry when we lose our daughters and sons.
We cry when we have to say goodbye to our wife or husband.
We cry when we carry our mother or our father to their grave.
We cry when we cannot embrace our beloved one any longer.
Regardless of where we live – in Africa, Asia, Europe, or on any other continent.

And when we cry our eyes well up with tears. Tears are akin to water.
Then it makes no difference at all what colour we are, which religion we belong to, or where we live on this planet.

We all laugh when we are happy. We need joy to fill our senses.
And laughter is not limited by colour, sex, religion or nationality.

We are what we are: human beings – no matter where we were born.
We all have a heart which keeps beating till the end.

And our heart is full of red blood which keeps us alive.

If our heart had stopped beating during birth, we would not be reading these lines. Instead there would be a mother weeping over her dead child. Tears and sadness are all the same – in Africa, Asia, Europe or elsewhere.

We should not stretch the heart which keeps us alive to its limits. We only have this one heart.

It shows scars
from all our sorrows,
caring for our beloved ones,
worrying about what is going on in this world.

And a little heart needs even more love.
It wants to comprehend the world, wherever it was born.
Why should it experience people out there who don’t care, leaving scars on little hearts?

This little heart cannot understand
why air to breathe is taken away,
why there is not enough water to stay alive,
and why hunger is everywhere.

There are such little hearts all over the world – in Africa, Asia, Europe, and everywhere.

No matter where we were born, we all have the right to live, but no right to kill.

If we all pay heed to this, what a wonderful world this could be!
That’s what we are striving for, isn’t it?

Our hearts are beating, regardless of sex, colour, religion or nationality.
We are all the same,
We are human beings.

If you agree, please share. Thank you!

Text © Netzfrau Doro Schreier, übersetzt von Netzfrau Heike Garisch.

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