SUCCESS! Voting and debate on TTIP delayed! Parliament is quarreling!

TTIPThe free trade agreement seems to become weak.
Citizens pressure increases and the federation of small and medium-sized economy also voted against TTIP.
Support is also given by the US Congress.
Obama won’t experience the resolution of TTIP during his mandate.

Federal Chancellor Merkel insists on resolution of the contentious free trade agreement during the mandate of US president Barack Obama.

We’re getting closer to our object because we’re now getting support from the small and medium-sized business!

Mario Ohoven, president of the Federation „Bundesverband mittelständische Wirtschaft“ (BVMW) who normally approves TTIP, is concerned about seeing his clientele in disadvantage in the sector arbitral court: „For a small enterprise this will be death!“
In addition all our protest and critic hasn’t been overheard!
The three fractions EVP, ECR and the liberals have applied for delay of the today premeditated debate in the European Parliament. The representatives voted with a tight majority for the delay of the TTIP debate.

President Schulz also decided to send back the Lange report about TTIP on the grounds of the high number of amendments. Ska Keller, vice chairwoman and trade political announcer of „Die Grünen“/EFA-Fraction comments:

„This decision shows how nervous the grand coalition in the EP actually is. Fearing the report could be declined they delayed the decision. This panic is the result of the high public pressure and thereby a success of civilian society!“

Ein demokratischer Skandal in Europaparlament! Christdemokraten/Liberale/Rechtskonservative verhindern #TTIP-Debatte.
— Sven Giegold (@sven_giegold) 10. Juni 2015

Der Skandal in Zahlen: CDU & FDP für Unterdrückung der #TTIP-Debatte, SPD mehrheitlich abwesend. Übersicht des Votums
— Sven Giegold (@sven_giegold) 10. Juni 2015

„Verantwortung in Politik oder Likes bei Facebook. Diese Frage muss sich jeder stellen!“ @berndlange #TTIP-Resolution
— SPD für Europa (@SPDEuropa) 10. Juni 2015

Sven Giegold excoriates delay of TTIP debate

„The grand coalition’s disrupted condition shall not be seen by the cameras – that’s the only reason for delaying the debate!“ He evaluated the tumult around TTIP in the EP as a „stage win for the citizens“ who brought the biggest European movement of the decade into the streets!

What the free trading agreement Europe/USA is about

Since summer 2014 the EU and the US have tried to clear the way for TTIP – Transatlantic Trade and Investment Partnership. They expect less trading barriers.

  •  custom depletion
  •  reciprocal recognized standards in many sectors as for example Crash tests for cars, remedy admissio
  •  less bureaucracy and
  •  equal chances for european and US american enterprises to participate in a tender of public projects in the respectively other country.

We have already written lots of reports about TTIP and the conclusion:
This special agreement only gives a competitive edge to concerns, should it be automobile industry or pharma industry but not to the customer.

Shortly explained by Pelzig (in German):

According to Pew Research Center 39% of the german citizens still support TTIP. At least the rest has got a skeptical to deprecatory attitude! If these 39& knew that US agricultural industry wants a better access to the European agricultural markets, also for gmos and hormone treated meat – until today the EU prohibits to import these edibles – also they would vote against this agreement.

12 nations are on the verge of sealing a trade agreement, which would empower enterprises to take our nations to court for laws giving citizens priority over enterprises.
From labelling gmos to unlimited internet – everything could be affected.

„Inverstor’s hedge clause“

This clause enables enterprises to bring nations inside a trade area to the international court. Numerous examples prove that nations had to pay horrendous compensation money to enterprises. So at the moment energy concern Vattenfall accuses Germany of stepping out of atomic energy. See: Julian Assange zum Trans-Pazifischen Abkommen- Secretive Deal Isn’t About Trade, But Corporate Control

Also Mario Ohoven is exasperated.

Energy concern Vattenfall is accusing Germany for the energy change, tobacco giant Philip Morris attacks Australia and Uruguay for printing warnings on cigarette packets according their prescriptions, pharma Eli Lilly litigates against Canada for reforming cost-cutting patent laws and energy concern Lone Pine accuses Canada for being so free to impose a fracking moratorium.


Mario Ohoven
Mario Ohoven 1997 – appointed to economic senate’s president
1998 – elected for president of BVMW Federation of small and medium-sized business – strongest force of voluntary, organized middle-class
1999 – awardee of EWI (European Economy institute), Switzerland.
2001 – decorated with the Oscar of German Middle-Class and received german middle-class prize at the end of the year.
Curator of medium-sized business.

  • While he was president the number of members increases to over 300%.
    Since 2002 M. Ohoven is president of CEA-PME, Bruxelles with ca. member enterprises and employees.

Quaint alliance against TTIP

„German chancellor wants to complete it until end 2015. I am in doubt about it.“ Mario Ohoven told the „Stern“. „Just for the US elections it will take at least until end 2016, The agreement was „sold in the wrong way“. „Secretiveness damaged TTIP seriously. The enterprises wanted to achieve it as fast and as silent as possible“.
Nobody should be astonished about distrust now.

Ohoven fears disadvantages for his clientele : „This will kill the middle-class“ he said in an interview of  „Stern“ and refers to OECD data estimating the costs for such lawsuits up to 6 Millions Euros. Conglomerates can afford this amount of money, middle-class economy can’t!

„BASF, Siemens and VW can afford these sums. A middle-class businessman will die!“ Ohoven critizises „He’s going to be insolvent before the lawsuit is done“.

Other thorns in his flesh are the secret arbitral verdicts one can’t give notice of appeal. „Absolutely unacceptable“ to the president of BVMW.

Critics are coming from all sides, not only BVMW#S president but also the Federal environmental Agency fears european protective standards could be dissolved.

High European protective standards risk to be disestablished

During the debates related to TTIP the high European protective standards for pesticides are put into question. In an interview for German economy magazine WISO the Federal Environmental Agency critizises the suitable European proposal for the new starting debate in New York.

Customer’s profit, too?

Trading associations promise lower prizes because of decreasing costs. If enterprises pass the savings to customers or only are going to raise their profits, will be ceded to them. If there were consistent standards, customers could get their products faster, notionally. It would be also possible f.e. that remedies to be admitted in the US will have automatic admission in the EU, too.
Exactly these are the points promised while introducing the EURO. They claimed it will lower costs what will lower the prizes and what have we experienced? Go to the next proper bakery – you will pay converted 6.00DM for your bread. Salaries and pensions rested in status quo – but products quickly adapted to the EURO.
What we see are the billion profits of conglomerates.
And US remedies ? They always will be tested in Europe before being admitted by the FDA – by the way pharma industry has a walk-over – they present their own fitting surveys.

Yes criticism is even coming from the US – the congress doesn’t want TTIP for the time – and makes Obama appear like a lame duck. Besides Us is planning a much bigger agreement, the TTP.

More information here Wikileaks link
The transpacific agreement is important to the US in the battle against China. They smell something’s cooking – but only for the reasons of profit.
If you really still believe in something will change to your benefit – please awake from your dream!

European Parliament also cancels TTIP debate

„Netzfrauen“ have joined „Selbstorganisierte Europäische Bürgerinitiative Stop TTIP“
This citizen’s initiative was founded October 7, 2014 and is organized by an alliance of over 470 european organizations, like „Die Netzfrauen“. Even since the very beginning of „Die Netzfrauen“ two years ago we have been informing our readers about the negative outcome of TTIP.

Biggest European Citizens‘ initiative: 2 Millions for STOP TTIP
European Alliance demands: The European Parliament shall refuse

The Self-organized European Citizen’s Initiative (EBI) jumped over the two million mark – just a few days before the EP wanted to adopt its resolution concerning TTIP, what they won’t do anymore – how emerged.

„In seven months we collected as many signatures as needed for an official EBI. It’s proven that citizens won’t watch inactively how EU commission is advancing the teardown of democracy, consumer protection, employments rights and environmental protection“, says Michael Efler, member of STOP TTIP citizens‘ committee. The hurdle interlinked to population has been already taken in 14 member nations. An official EBI demands this quorum in 7 nations.

STOP TTIP is collecting signatures until october, 6 to increase political pressure.
Also read: Netzfrauen: Europäische Bürgerinitiative fordert Verhandlungsstopp bei TTIP und CETA

An official EBI demands this quorum in 7 nations.
The hurdle interlinked to population has been already taken in 14 member nations.

„Europa-Parlament Zähne zeigen gegen TTIP“



TTIP pros however promise workplaces – reality is the other way round, proven by already existing free trade agreements.

What do you do to make one car out of two?
Exact! You’re taking the best out of the tow of them – the rest will be stored or directly scrapped.
That’s it.

Also read: Free trade agreement – what you should know! –Free Trade Agreement TTIP

German: Erfolg ! TTIP-Abstimmung und Debatte verschoben! EU-Parlament ist zerstritten!


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