Tierquälerei! Lebende Tiere als Schlüsselanhänger gibt es immer noch – Live animals sold as keychains in China

Wie wir bereits im  Oktober 2013 berichteten, können in China – meist bei U-Bahnstationen oder anderen viel frequentierten Plätzen – als Schlüsselanhänger bzw. Handy-Schmuck kleine Plastikbehälter mit lebenden Tieren drin gekauft werden. Um wohlfeile $ 1,50 werden diese Glücksbringer an den Mann, die Frau oder an das Kind gebracht. Die verschweißten Plastiksäckchen, gefüllt mit Wasser, das oft auch noch gefärbt ist, mit Sauerstoff angereichert und etwas Futter, beinhalten die verschiedensten Tiere, meist Fische oder Weichschildkröten. Große Exemplare davon werden in China auch gerne gegessen. Zehntausende von Dollar zahlen Chinesen für bedrohte Schildkröten weltweit, da sie die Potenz steigern sollen!

Würde ein nationales Tierschutzgesetz erlassen werden, könnten solche Dinge nicht verkauft werden. Vielmehr würden Menschen, die dieses Gesetz verletzen, bestraft werden. In China gibt es keinen Tierschutz und so fehlt die Möglichkeit, gegen die Verkäufer und noch mehr gegen die Produzenten der Schlüsselanhänger vorgehen zu können.

Live animals sold as keychains in China

XIAMEN – Live animal keychains are still on sale on the streets of CHINA despite several petitions to make it illegal.

On a trip to Xiamen, The Star ONLINE discovered a roadside vendor along Zeng Cuo’an tourist market peddling the „pet keychains“ for 15 yuan to 20 yuan (S$3.10-S$4.10).

Baby terrapin, fish, and salamanders are sealed inside plastic pouches filled with oxygenated water that have been dyed bright fluorescent colours. Also inside a plastic pouch is a SINGLE pellet, that serves as food for the animal.

The animals can move in the confined space but do not have room to turn around. A string attached to a plastic pouch allows you to hook it to keys, bags, or mobile PHONES.

According to the sign, the animals inside the pouches do not need to be fed for three months.

‚Animal key chains‘ a trendy product in Xiamen market

Ecohydrology professor Sam Walton says, however, that it is not just a lack of oxygen and food that will kill the animals.

„There might be enough oxygen and food in the plastic casing but the animal waste from digestion and respiration is toxic and will kill them. They essentially poison themselves with ammonia,“ says Dr Walton, a former research lecturer at Universiti Malaysia Terengganu.

„Aquatic animals are very sensitive to temperature fluctuations so being in a bag is like being in a greenhouse. The temperature shock and physical shock of being shaken around will probably kill the animals before anything else,“ he said.

The keychains are sold as souvenirs and attract the attention of passers-by.

Calling it animal cruelty, Dr Walton explained that the animals are taken out of their environment to die for no reason other than to satisfy the vanity of uninformed consumers.

„It’s abhorrent to make a living creature a fashion accessory and profit from its pointless death,“ he said.

Images of the controversial keychains first went viral in 2011 to the chagrin of animal rights activities who condemned it as animal abuse. They then started several online petitions calling for the CHINESE government to ban the sale of the live animal keychains.

According to a 2016 South China Morning Post report, the draft for the country’s first comprehensive animal protection law was introduced in September 2009, but no progress has been made since.


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  1. What can we do to get these horrific atrocities off the market? How can we discourage people from buying these things?

  2. Povo ridiculo!!! Que nojo tenho vontade de vomitar!!!Ao ver tanta crueldade com os animais!Parem de ser crueis!Parem com tanta maldade!!Voces tem o DNA do Inferno nas veias!!!!

  3. So bloody cruel what’s wrong with these people they need their heads testing if they think this is okay.

  4. Please evolve, people. Wake up, and realize the suffering you are causing other beings on this planet.

  5. You people are sick in the head to treat animals this way, you need closing down and put in prison for such stupidity, you make me sick, how would u like to live in a bag , I hope that with everyone sharing you stupid add it will been seen by someone with power to stop it, don’t u think animals have feeling unlike u

  6. BOYCOTT ANYTHING CHINESE! Until they agree to stop being demonic in the way they disregard life. Our government is part of the problem if they aren’t part of the solution. We need to protection animals of the world, not just USA.

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